Franchise Feasibility Study


      I.         Is Franchising Right For My Business? (oval)

    II.         Initial Consultation (rectangle)

1.     What are your goals? (rectangle)

2.     What is your business concept? (rectangle)

  III.         Franchise Feasibility Study (rectangle)

1.     On-Site Visit (rectangle)

2.     Business Concept Review, Market Analysis, Financial Analysis, On-Site Analysis, Critical Path to Franchising, Estimated Cost of Franchising, Actionable Recommendations (rectangle)

A.     SWOT Analysis (quadrants)

                                                             i.         STRENGTHS

a.     Ex: Replicable business model, established brand

                                                           ii.         WEAKNESSES

a.     Ex: Operations need refining, turnover is too high

                                                          iii.         OPPORTUNITIES

a.     Ex: Sell product online, open another location

                                                          iv.         THREATS

a.     Ex: New competitors, online retailers

   IV.         Results of Study – Detailed report with the findings of the study and actionable recommendations to improve your business. (diamond)

1.     Congratulations, franchising is a logical next step for you! We can help you with that. (oval)

2.     Franchising is not right for you at this time, but here are next steps you can take. (oval)