Kali Consulting Opens for Business

Orange County, CA - February 7, 2017 – Kali Consulting, a new enterprise specializing in marketing for accountants, opened for business today.  

Anjali Purkayastha is the owner and operator of Kali Consulting. In her former role as Indevia Accounting’s head of Marketing, she helped revenue grow by 58% over two years. Purkayastha stated, “Our comprehensive marketing services are ideal for companies that need a Marketing Director. We help accounting firms assess their current marketing strategy and refine it to reach clients with the best lifetime value.”

Kali also executes all aspects of the marketing strategy, including hiring and management of graphic designers and other experts. According to Purkayastha, “Whether an accounting firm needs a new mobile-friendly website, trade show preparation, or any other marketing service, we are ready to help.”

For more information, please visit www.kali-consulting.com or contact Anjali Purkayastha at 714.409.3239 or anjali@kali-consulting.com.

About Kali Consulting

Kali Consulting, LLC is owned by Anjali Purkayastha. Kali provides focused and effective marketing services for accounting companies based in Orange County.


Anjali Purkayastha, Owner and Consultant