Three Crucial Marketing Questions


Marketing and accounting don’t usually sound like they go together. When I first started working at Indevia Accounting as Marketing Director, I wasn’t sure which strategies would efficiently market their accounting services. A variety of companies were trying to sell me SEO, SEM, content marketing, PR, and more. What did Indevia really need?

Over the next few years, I worked hard to answer that question. By adjusting the overall marketing strategy to focus on clients with a high lifetime value, Indevia was successful and revenue grew by 58% over two years.

Ultimately, marketing came down to putting ourselves in our clients’ shoes and really analyzing what was important to them. The marketing methods we used were not as important as our understanding of our clients and thoughtful analysis of who could derive the most benefit from our accounting services.

Here are three crucial questions to ask about your marketing strategy:

1.     Do you understand your clients? If I asked you to list your clients’ biggest financial struggles, could you do it? If you had to name one thing that keeps them up at night, how accurate would you be?

2.     What problems can your accounting services solve? Is there someone out there who would love your services, but is not aware of them? Understanding what problems you actually solve will help you reach prospects who will value your services.

3.     Where can the best prospects be reached? Do prospects with a high customer lifetime value find you through Google searches? Do they ask friends for referrals? Are they attending trade shows? Improving your understanding of how people find your services will help you accurately target your marketing and keep costs under control.

Considering these questions will help guide you in marketing your accounting services. There are many facets of marketing that can work for you but there is no substitute for understanding your clients and the problems you can solve.

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